Assessing Authentically

Before deciding on your assessments, you should have already established the learning outcomes at the program, course and module levels. If you haven’t, the Lesson/Module Planning page of this website can help get you started.
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Formative vs. Summative Assessment

An instructor may choose to use different learning activities and assessments to encourage learning. There is a large difference between what is used to provide feedback (formative assessment) and what is used as a summary of learning (summative assessment).
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Improving Student Learning through Formative Assessment

Just imagine if a pilot flew without adjusting for variables such as storms and headwinds. Visualize an airliner flying from London to Vancouver. It flies west for about 9 hours and then land. The pilot then asks, “Is this Vancouver?” and even if it isn’t, the passengers get off because the plane needs to start its next journey.
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