Erin Howard

Erin Howard

At work I pride myself on being a helpful resource for our online instructors- troubleshooting technology issues, creating resources, and helping them feel confident in the online classroom. I feel that by working with instructors it will lead to a greater experience for online students. I also enjoy finding technological solutions for instructors that can enhance their existing pedagogy - taking what they already do well and making it more efficient for the instructor and engaging for students. When I’m not at work, I am usually busy doing something active with my family, friends or dogs. I love running, kickboxing, weight training, hiking, wakeboarding, yoga, biking, dancing and basically anything that gets me moving!

8bit gamification

Gamification is a term that has been creating buzz in education for the past several years. There is a lot of information, literature, and even MOOC’s on the subject. We have discovered that it can offer our students engaging and meaningful learning experiences and increase learner motivation.

Thursday, 03 September 2015 16:31

Authentic Assessment Explained

Learning Lab

Have you ever wanted to take an idea for a real world object and make it real? Has a lack of know-how, materials, tools, space and time reasons stopped you from not pursuing it? Maybe you just have no idea how to even start!

Wednesday, 05 August 2015 16:25

Best Practices in Online Discussion Boards

Discussion board

Online discussion boards can be a useful platform in online and blended learning to encourage student participation, collaboration, and deeper learning.  When students use discussion boards to communicate their ideas they can create thoughtful and composed dialogue that unfolds over time into a deeper conversation.

working on computer

Online learning is becoming increasingly flexible, with the unbundling of courses into smaller bite-size bits of learning and increased accessibility through mobile devices, students have access to learning anytime, anywhere. Much of the online content taught is available asynchronously with students accessing online videos, lectures, and pre-prepared materials through a learning management system. Over 90% of institutions that offered online courses offered them in an asynchronous way (National Center for Educational Statistics, 2008). This offers flexibility for students and allows them to set the pace of their learning and access materials at a time that is convenient for them.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 22:13

Everything SMART: Interactive Resource

Learning Lab

Interactive whiteboards (such as SMART Boards) can be found in almost every classroom now. They allow instructors to create engaging and interactive lessons for their students, but do require some user know-how to be utilized to their full potential. There are many programs and add-ons integrated into SMART Boards that allow instructors to utilize math tools, 3D models, mobile for devices, and much more.

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 15:32

BYOD Tips and Considerations

BYOD Tips and ConsiderationsIncorporating wireless devices can positively influence learning in the classroom. When implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy into your classroom, there are always many things to consider.