The Public Domain ReviewLawrence Biemiller fro the Chronicle of Higher Education explores how the University at Buffalo's School of Architecture and Planning is using the challenges facing their city (declining population, changing industry, vacant dwellings,etc.) as an educational opportunity for students.

8bit gamification

Gamification is a term that has been creating buzz in education for the past several years. There is a lot of information, literature, and even MOOC’s on the subject. We have discovered that it can offer our students engaging and meaningful learning experiences and increase learner motivation.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015 17:08

Bringing higher education into the 21st century

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The Public Domain ReviewThis commentary article from the Toronto Star profiles the University of Saskatchewan's Ken Coates, who recently published a report calling for a change in our ingrained attitudes towards post-secondary education.

Ted Talks

In his most recent TED talk Sir Ken Robinson promotes a learning revolution, calling attempts to update the education system as continuing to work with a broken system. He argues education in its current form is a linear pathway to post-secondary education, while society depends on a variety of abilities.

full classroom of students on computersIn the first of our Whiteboard Series we explore outcomes. In recent years, outcomes have become a crucial part of curriculum development. In this short video aimed at assisting instructors we explore how to write outcomes in a 4-step process.

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