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In our previous article we introduced Competency Based Education (CBE). Yet, CBE is not without its critiques and issues. These are generally either criticisms of the concept itself or issues that might arise in implementation. 

The Public Domain ReviewCharlotte Kent argues it's part of post-secondary institutions' role to help students build work ethic and time management skills.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016 19:48

What is Competency Based Education?

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Open Educational ResourcesCompetency Based Education (CBE) which was first introduced in education in the 1960’s (Ford, 2014) has recently made a resurgence in post-secondary education, particularly in the United States. A CBE approach breaks the program requirements down into a specific set of competencies that students are expected to ...

Tuesday, 05 April 2016 21:13

Educational TED Talk: Teaching Design for Change

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Ted Talks

Designer Emily Pilloton shares her experience in working to reshape the educational experiences in a forgotten rural area in North Carolina. In this talk she explores how design can tackle delivering educational content in various situations and various levels. At the core of Pilloton’s work is connecting learners with their community.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016 16:13

How to study for an exam? Take a day off

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The Public Domain ReviewSecond-year University of Toronto student Kourosh Houshmand tackles exam stress, a topic familiar for those who have spent time in a post-secondary institution. Houshmand provides some tips and tricks for those in the midst of their exams, with an overall message of 'study smarter, not harder.'